Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ciao For Now

While vacationing in Florida, I was inspired with some new spring projects. Recently, I have found that I can get lots more done if I don't blog.
Therefore, I may be dropping out of circulation for a bit so I can bring some of these projects to fruition. (Don't cry!)

These projects involve my sewing machine, which I have been avoiding for the past couple of years. I have a pile of clothes "TO BE DONE", and a 3 year old skirt that has been cut out--that I really must get to. I don't know if I have the patience to sew anymore--but I need to try. I get DIY sewing ideas ALL the time, but don't start them and "being busy with blogging" has been a good excuse. 
I'm feeling like now is the time!

I have a friend that I am indoctrinating for motivation--so our "Sewing Saturdays" are to begin!

Hopefully, I will be back after these projects are done--before the summer. To all and especially my friends over at Visible Monday, enjoy your spring!


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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Value of Face to Face

I'm in Florida right now--away from the cold and snow. Yeah! And whenever I am traveling, I make a special effort to meet my blogger friends when I am in their neighborhood. Why?
I've always been a bit frustrated by my virtual friendships. Call me old-fashioned, but how can you dispute the value of face to face? It's something we have almost forgotten about in this techie world.

Thats why it was worth my while to catch up with Patti from Not Dead Yet Style the other day! Getting to know her is uncovering a whole new layer of our friendship. We, being the mature, careful women that we are, could confess things about ourselves (and yes, others!) that we would not do publicly on our blogs. Because of this, we grow closer in our friendship. �� And I am very happy about that! Xoxo

Ps. If the pictures look really wonky, it's because I am blogging from my phone.
Ps2: The pictures weren't the best of us anyway. We were having too much fun to worry about it!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Channeling my Inner Sixteen Year Old

One of the most stupid things that made me happy this week were these boots:

gold glitter boots--Wet Seal $14.00
Yes, they are gold glitter boots that I bought at the teen store Wet Seal.  Now I bought them for slippers ONLY to be worn at home, but I have to tell you.  THEY MAKE ME HAPPY!  They sparkle at me.  I get giddy with joy.  How silly.  And that got me to thinking.....

What is it about glittery stuff that 
makes us girls so happy?

Little girls like glitter, big girls like glitter.
It certainly does NOT come from my youth. I mean back then, there was no glitter in the teen department at Jordan Marsh (now Macy's).

It could be the youthful thing.  Like I wanted to be 16 again. That got me a little worried because, as you know, I wear the short skirts.  Like the young girls.

 Am I  regressing?

OOTW video

Actually, I just want to have FUN with dressing.  Let's not take fashion/style so seriously people!

Anyone want to take a guess as to why so many girls like glitter?


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Story of My Mother of the Groom Dress

So my son's wedding snuck in between 2 snowstorms
yet everything turned out wonderfully.
But of course, its' all about the dress..
(hear my story via video)

dress from Aliexpress
(this is NOT an advertisement)

You knew I would be a different mother of the groom, and with my pillbox hat and fake fur for outside, I think I was just that.  (more pictures later)

There are so many traditions surrounding weddings that it's tricky going outside the accepted.  I did check with the bride beforehand on my choice of dress, by the way, as it was a bit unusual.  I do hear of a lot of opinions on how a MOB/MOG should look and many brides, for example, still like their mom to wear a long dress.

My dress for the rehearsal dinner was a bit more expected; it was Valentine's Day after-all.  Here it is 2 days later for work.

dress; mizrahi
Looking a bit tired, but it was all worth it!   

The DRESS  and my son's friends, Zach.
 Details:  The dress had 3 tiers of netting; one black and 2 cream.  The lacy details were more like crewel work than actual lace.  The back was closed by lacing, and I had to find someone to strap me in. The bodice was all boned but I still wore a full length bra underneath. All for $48!

Valentine's Day, Gibbit Hill, Groton

How about you?  (in particular, all my friends over at Patti's Visible Monday)  Would you prefer to stick with the traditional MOB/MOG or 
would you dare go outside the box?

Sunday, February 9, 2014


There's a lot of fusion going on lately.
Exercise; power yoga, hip-hop yoga, etc.
Music; country-rock, jazz fusion.
You get the idea.
And a lot of fusion going on in my outfits too.

It's a creative process for me to fuse different separates together and make a collage of sorts.

The tunic is my own vintage tunic, the jacket is second hand--could be old?

These collages sometimes combine my own vintage pieces.  Or maybe someone else's old pieces.

These fusions can be new and old things, shiny and tweed materials or winter and summer fabrics.

It's one way of keeping things fresh.  

new app for photo filters; Moku Hanga

Or maybe just a new app to keep things fresh and fun.  It keeps me going in the doldrums of winter.

miley and madonna 2014
Miley and Madonna
Another "fusion"???
Linking up with Patti at Visible Monday! xoxo

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Unusual MOG (Mother of Groom)

Yes, ladies, tis true.
My son is getting married in less than 2 weeks.
And true to my style, I'll be the less-than-conventional Mother of the Groom.
Here is what I am talking about:

3 pairs of shoes, 2 wigs and a partridge  minaudiere.
I guess I have some 'splaining to do, Lucy.
Three pairs of shoes?  
Non-dancing, dancing and almost-dead-tired shoes.  I'm bringing all three.
Two wigs?  
Well, to be frank, after a few dances, my hair becomes saturated with water.  Ok, I sweat A LOT when I dance.  Zumba training for the past 2years has not done much to change that.  I will tie my wet hair back and fasten on the wiglets.  I don't know which one will work better, so I am bringing both.
The minaudiere?
Not really unusual--just a cool name.  AKA small clutch.

And just wait until you hear the story of my dress!  That will come after the wedding.
(further details of the unconventional can be seen on my Pinterest board here.)

In the meantime, enjoy my video of my outfits of the week.  This week's theme was jackets.

There is a hat shot in there!  I'm linking up with Style Crone's Hat Attack this week~
I'm hoping for good weather on Valentine's Day!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

A (Shallow) Closet Visit

I've been thinking that my blog has been a little, shall we say,
shallow lately.
So I embarked upon a project to add a little depth.
I had attempted to make a creative video on
"why I started blogging".

This failed because my video editing skills are at novice level and I visualize at a master level.
Non-the-less, I did prepare a fun video--not the in-depth-up-close-and-personal I had hoped for.

For those of you not into the video thing, here is an OOTD for you~

skirt~ Banana Republic

And speaking of my closet, I have noticed items that I bought new are becoming vintage!  How scary is that?  This skirt is probably only 10 years old.  It's great quality, classic tweed and look--midis are back in style!  Do you have items in your closet that you bought NEW 25 years ago? 

Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday; Hello All!